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Tilly’s Story – Shared by her young human Jameson


Tilly was part of a group of dogs who were rescued from a breeding operation in the fall of 2017.  When these ladies made their way to Carter’s they had not walked on grass, had not known pets and love, and had never lived the typical dogs life with a family and a dog bed to call their own.  Their skin was so broken down from living on concrete their entire lives, and they were really not sure of what to do when let out in the yard to have a short play.

The initial veterinary check of these sweet girls revealed some underlying medical issues, and all required spaying.  Due to the number of times these girls were breed, spaying was very difficult as their tissues were paper thin.  We very nearly lost each and every one of them during the procedures.  We, at the rescue, provided much love and began to build trust with these sweet girls, and once they were healthy enough we put them out for adoption and were very selective in finding them their forever perfect homes.  They deserve nothing but love and kindness for the rest of their days.

Jameson and his family came out to meet Tilly on a lovely fall day, and we could tell that it was love at first sight.  Tilly was so excited to go for a walk with this new family, and snuggled with each of them during play time.

Jameson decided he wanted to share his dog’s rescue story with his class, as well as bring her to meet his classroom.  He prepared this story.  What this young man had done is amazing.  Bringing to the forefront how important it is to look at rescues for your new 4 legged family member.  We as a rescue are so blessed to have him share this with us.  Thank you Jameson and your wonderful family


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One Response to "Tilly’s Story – Shared by her young human Jameson"

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    August 16, 2022 - 9:01 am Reply

    Love your girl Tilly , I just lost Mags . She was so special , she will never be forgotten . The perfect pal .

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