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Surrender Pets

An important service Carter’s Rescue provides to the community is accepting owner surrenders of companion animals.

If you have a pet that you can no longer provide care for, or no longer wish to keep, you can surrender the animal to Carter’s Rescue. In return, we ask that you make a small financial contribution to assist the shelter, a charitable organization, with the ongoing care of the animal. However, that’s not necessary and we will still provide a home for him/her.

If you’re considering surrendering your pet because you feel unable to deal with his or her behaviour, we encourage you to seek advice and training to work with behaviour problems before making a final decision. Most behaviour problems arise due to miscommunication between the owner and the pet (for example, pushing or yelling at a dog for jumping up only encourages more jumping), or when a certain need of the pet is not being met (inadequate exercise can lead to hyperactive and destructive dogs).

If all else has failed and you must surrender your pet. We ask that you contact Carter’s rescue to see if there is any available space for your pet.


Carter’s Rescue is comprised of a very small and dedicated group of volunteers who also hold down full time jobs. Please be patient when contacting us to either adopt one of our dogs or surrender yours.

ADOPTION -please visit our adoption application. Please fill out completely and submit. Someone will be in contact with you within 48 hrs regarding your application. Please do not call or contact before that time. We will get back to you in a timely fashion. We have a high volume of emails and applications with one person replying to all.

Whether wishing to adopt or surrender, please be patient with us and follow the above directions to ensure you receive a reply. PHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE RETURNED as there is no time due the sheer volume of inquiries we deal with on a day to day basis.

Thank you.

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Surrender Form
Dog Identification
Dogs Name
Sex of Dogpick one!
Age of Dog
Dog Breed
ID Typepick one!
ID NumberMicrochip or Tattoo ID#
Reason for SurrenderWhat is the main reason for surrendering this dog
Would Training HelpWould you keep the dog if we helped resolve?
Has your dog ever bitten anyoneOr shown agressive behavior against a person
Describe the circumstances that your dog bitIf the answer to the question above is yes please describe.
Medical History
VeterinaryPlease list the clinic your dog attends
Vet TelephoneThe Veterinarian's phone number
Recent CareHas this dog seen a vet at least once per year?
Date last at vetof last appointment
VaccinationsIs your dog current on vaccination?
Date of VaccinationDate your dog was last vaccinated
Medical SurgeryHas your dog ever required surgery?
Describe SurgeryIf yes to previous question
MedicationsIs your dog on any current medications
List any medicationsIf yes to previous question
Medical ConcernsIf your dog has been diagnosed with a medical concern such as Diabetes, heart murmur, urinary tract issues, etc - please describe here.
0 /
Dietary Habits
Is your dog on a perscription diet
Current brand of foodPlease list the current brand of food
Which does your dog eatPick all that apply.
Frequency of meals
Dogs Personality and Lifestyle
Please Rate your dog's Personality
Activity Level?
Friendly to Visitors?
Couch Potato?
Lap Dog?
Distant or shyness?
Hours your dog spends aloneHow many hours is this dog used to being alone
Location when aloneWhere do you leave your dog when nobody is home
Alone ReactionHow does your dog behave when nobody is at home (dog is alone)
Destructiveness when aloneDoes your dog chew household items when left alone?
Dog reaction to other dogsDoes your dog like other dogs?
Reaction to other dogsHow does your dog react when he/she encounters another dog
Cat ToleranceDoes your dog like Cats
Reaction to CatsHow does your dog react when he/she encounters a Cat
Reaction to ChildrenHas this dog regularly been around Children
Indicate Children's AgesIf yes to previous question.
Child InteractionDescribe how your child and the dog interacted.
0 /
Child ExperienceExperience with child interactions
Child Experience DescriptionIf the interaction wtih the child has not always been positive please describe below.
0 /
Dogs Comfort Level with PeoplePlease Rate how well your dog reacts to the following
Activity Level in your Home
Stranger Experience (when arrives)Describe how your dog reacts when a stranger comes into the home or knocks on the door.
0 /
Sensitive Body PartsDoes your dog not like being touched in some areas?
Describe Sensitive areasIf yes to previous question
0 /
Some of the things my dog dislikesPlease describe any situations that your dog is uncomfortable in.
0 /
Indoors/OutdoorsWhich areas does your dog spend most of its time.
Dog RestrictionsPlease describe any restrictions your dog currently has (Furniture, Carpets, Bed, ETC.
0 /
Dog PlayPlease describe how your dog likes to play and favorite toys
0 /
Best Part of DogWhat did you most enjoy about this dog
0 /
Quirks / HabitsPlease describe any quirks or habits you were not fond of in this dog
0 /
House trainedIs your dog house trained?
Obedience TrainingHas your dog had any obedience training?
Obedience DescriptionIf yes to previous question describe what methods were used
0 /
Basic CommandsHow well does your dog respond to basic commands
Drop It
Walking EquipmentPlease describe what walking equipment your dog prefers or has been used
0 /
Dog Off LeashHow is your dog off leash
Behaviour on leash (dogs)Does dog lunge at other dogs when on leash
Behaviour on leash (people)Does dog lunge at people when on leash
Behaviour on leash (people- play)Is your dogs intention for play?
Fenced YardIs your dog used to being in a fenced yard.
Escaped Yardhas your dog ever escaped your yard
Crate TrainedHas your dog been crate trained
Car RidesHow is your dog in a car
Possessivenesshave you ever tried to remove items from dog
EatingIs your dog approchable when he/she is eating
Items protective ofWhat items is your dog protective of
Reaction when protecting itemsIf yes what was your dogs reaction

Thank you for trusting Carter's Rescue.  

We will review your application and be in contact with you shortly.

Carter's Rescue is a registered Canadian Charity. Our registration number is 80997 5394 RR0001

Nameyour full name
TelephoneYour Telephone Number
Address1street name & Number
Address2Unit or Appartment
Postal Code
Other CommentsIs there anything else you would like to tell us about your dog?
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AgreementBy clicking "I Agree" You are agreeing to surrender your pet to Carter's Rescue and relinquishing all rights and responsibilities to this animal and that you are agreeing that all the information provided herin is as accurate as possible.
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