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Adoption Application

Pet ownership is a serious commitment that the entire household needs to consider and agree to, before the animal is adopted. We want to ensure that each adoptive household is aware of, willing and able to accept the physical and financial responsibilities of pet ownership. Not everyone who desires to own a pet is ready to properly care for one.

This questionnaire will assist both you and us in determining if your household is prepared to assume the role of responsible caretaker for a rescued animal.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have completely read this application, comprehend it fully, and have answered the questions put before you with honesty.  You understand that omission of information and/or failure to answer all questions can result in this application being declined. Also, if an omission or untruth is discovered after the adoption takes place, you understand that Carter’s Rescue reserves the right to annul the adoption and reclaim the pet.  All animals are spayed and neutered before adoption unless the dog is not of age to do so. If this is the case, the adopter agrees to bring the animal to the veterinary clinic on a specified date to have this procedure completed.  In addition, each pet adoption is assessed a non-refundable donation, varying by animal to help pay veterinary/other expenses.

You give Carter’s Rescue permission to fully investigate the information provided as well as contact veterinarians and related officials.  If this application passes this review, you agree to a home and yard visit on a mutually agreed date.

You understand that the adoption decision is dependant on many factors including but not limited to the compatibility of the family and home to the individual pet, and other applications received on this pet.  You understand that it is Carter’s Rescue’s prerogative to decide which home is appropriate, and therefore you will not argue with the decision.

You can fill this application out online, using the form below, and the application will be emailed directly to us.

Carter’s Rescue is comprised of a very small and dedicated group of volunteers who also hold down full time jobs. Please be patient when contacting us to either adopt one of our dogs or surrender yours.

ADOPTION -Someone will be in contact with you within 48 hrs regarding your application. Please do not call or contact before that time. We will get back to you in a timely fashion. We have a high volume of emails and applications with one person replying to all.

SURRENDERING – please visit our surrender form. Please fill out completely with as much information that you can provide us and submit. Someone will contact you within a 48 hr period. Submitting a surrender form does not guarantee that we will be able to take your dog. We have a waiting list, we always have a waiting list and may not be able to accommodate your dog right away.

Whether wishing to adopt or surrender, please be patient with us and follow the above directions to ensure you receive a reply. PHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE RETURNED as there is no time due the sheer volume of inquiries we deal with on a day to day basis.

Thank you.

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