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Chanel – A story about ‘backyard breeders’ and ‘designer dogs’

Have you ever met a dog, and INSTANTLY felt a connection?? Connection so deep that you knew you would do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to give her the best life???

Well, this is the story of such dog…Chanel

Chanel was surrendered to us after her owner knew he could no longer provide her with the level of care she required. She came with a horrible skin condition, and her breathing was really bad. We knew immediately that something was wrong. We got her into the vet right away to get her assessed, and the vet advised us that due to her improper breeding, her chest was compressing on her lungs. They recommended seeing a specialist and surgery. It was clear as well that this poor dog had had at least one litter of pups (she is only about 1.5 years old).

Chanel is the product of backyard breeding. Trying to “design” a dog. She is a bully breed….but no-one is sure what exactly is in there. She is the cutest little gremlin walking though 😍.

The back yard breeder is the single greatest cause of pet overpopulation. The results of back yard breeding are devastating. The majority of homeless or abandoned dogs come from this category in many popular breeds and mixes (“designer” dogs). Most are sold locally through newspaper ads, Kijiji, Facebook.

Back yard breeders may act on a desire to make extra money, or simply out of ignorance. They see how much money legitimate breeders charge for pups and figure they could make some “easy money” too. Or, a back yard breeder may have a completely unplanned litter by accident, but in our eyes there is no accident if your dogs are not spayed/neutered.

Back yard breeders usually bring two breeding animals together regardless of their quality. They are not interested in scientific breeding. Their aim is to fulfill a personal need or goal, not to improve the breed and bring excellent quality dogs to the world. Since breed excellence is generally unimportant, the breeding dogs generally will not have been tested for genetic and health problems.

Although you might think your paying less for the breed of your choice from a back yard breeder, it’s almost a given that in the long run, you’ll pay a good deal more in vet bills and perhaps emotional bills (if the dog has to be euthanized due to a health or temperament problem).

Who ends up suffering?? Is it fair to Chanel that she had to leave the only home she had ever known? Is it fair that she had to be put under for surgery and almost DIED last week? What about the fact that the vets can’t fix her perfect imperfections, and her life will likely be cut short??

NO! NO! NO! It is the greed of irresponsible back yard breeding that has caused this. None of this is fair to Chanel. But yet her and so many other dogs like her end up in our rescue or worse, euthanized because of these people.

How can YOU help?? How can YOU make a difference?? STOP searching for your dog or puppy on Kijiji and Facebook!! If people stop making a need for these dogs, then the demand will go down and these people will no be able to make money off these poor babies!! Share Chanel’s story…..explain to people what a backyard breeder is. Education is KEY!!! Advise people on the benefits of adopting their best friend, and how soooo many animals are in need each and every day.

Our only solace in Chanel’s story is that she will get to live out her cute little wiggly bum life with us loving on her and making sure she is safe

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3 Responses to "Chanel – A story about ‘backyard breeders’ and ‘designer dogs’"

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    December 5, 2019 - 11:57 am Reply

    Thank heaven there is good people like you in this world

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      January 19, 2020 - 6:46 pm Reply

      Thank you so very much for the kind words 🙂

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    June 30, 2023 - 9:12 am Reply

    truth bomb’s in this, 100% period Point BLANK

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