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Adoption Application

Pet ownership is a serious commitment that the entire household needs to consider and agree to, before the animal is adopted. We want to ensure that each adoptive household is aware of, willing and able to accept the physical and financial responsibilities of pet ownership. Not everyone who desires to own a pet is ready to properly care for one.

This questionnaire will assist both you and us in determining if your household is prepared to assume the role of responsible caretaker for a rescued animal.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you have completely read this application, comprehend it fully, and have answered the questions put before you with honesty.  You understand that omission of information and/or failure to answer all questions can result in this application being declined. Also, if an omission or untruth is discovered after the adoption takes place, you understand that Carter’s Rescue reserves the right to annul the adoption and reclaim the pet.  All animals are spayed and neutered before adoption unless the dog is not of age to do so. If this is the case, the adopter agrees to bring the animal to the veterinary clinic on a specified date to have this procedure completed.  In addition, each pet adoption is assessed a non-refundable donation, varying by animal to help pay veterinary/other expenses.

You give Carter’s Rescue permission to fully investigate the information provided as well as contact veterinarians and related officials.  If this application passes this review, you agree to a home and yard visit on a mutually agreed date.

You understand that the adoption decision is dependant on many factors including but not limited to the compatibility of the family and home to the individual pet, and other applications received on this pet.  You understand that it is Carter’s Rescue’s prerogative to decide which home is appropriate, and therefore you will not argue with the decision.

You can fill this application out online, using the form below, and the application will be emailed directly to us.

Carter’s Rescue is comprised of a very small and dedicated group of volunteers who also hold down full time jobs. Please be patient when contacting us to either adopt one of our dogs or surrender yours.

ADOPTION -Someone will be in contact with you within 48 hrs regarding your application. Please do not call or contact before that time. We will get back to you in a timely fashion. We have a high volume of emails and applications with one person replying to all.

SURRENDERING – please visit our surrender form. Please fill out completely with as much information that you can provide us and submit. Someone will contact you within a 48 hr period. Submitting a surrender form does not guarantee that we will be able to take your dog. We have a waiting list, we always have a waiting list and may not be able to accommodate your dog right away.

Whether wishing to adopt or surrender, please be patient with us and follow the above directions to ensure you receive a reply. PHONE CALLS WILL NOT BE RETURNED as there is no time due the sheer volume of inquiries we deal with on a day to day basis.

Thank you.

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Adoption Application
Nameyour full name
Address 1
Address 2
Postal Code
TelephoneYour Home Phone
Cellularyour full name
Preferred Method of Contactpick one!
If by phone preferred timeBest time to call
Dog of InterestWhich Dog are you interested in?
Your Family
Main CaregiverWho will be the main caregiver
Other ChildrenTell us about any other children that frequent the home
Dog LocationWhere do you plan to keep the dog when you're not at home?
Hours Alone (Average Day)How many hours will your dog be at home in?
CrateDo you have a crate
Create UseWhat will the crate be used for
Other Pets Information
Other DogsAre there any other dogs in your household? (If so please provide details below)
1.Dog Name
1.Dog Breed
1.Dog Age
1. Desexed?
2.Dog Name
2.Dog Breed
2.Dog Age
2. Desexed?
3.Dog Name
3.Dog Breed
3.Dog Age
3. Desexed?
4.Dog Name
4.Dog Age
4.Dog Breed
4. Desexed?
Other AnimalsAre there any other animals in your household? (If so please provide details below)
1. Pets Name
1. Pets Type
1. Pets Age
1. Pets Sex
1. Pet Desexed?
2. Pets Name
2. Pets Type
2. Pet's age
2. Pet's Sex
2. Pet Desexed?
3. Pets Name
3. Pets Type
3. Pet's age
3. Pet's Sex
3. Pet Desexed?
Pet Detailsplease descibe in detail the temperment of your other dog(s)
0 /
Pet ToleranceHow well does your dog(s) get along with other dogs
0 /
LeashHow good are your current dog(s) on leash
Around the HomeHow good are your current dog(s) around the house and yard
0 /
Opposite Sex MatchCarter's Rescue feels the best matches for good placements are of the opposite sex. Do you agree?
Pet HistoryWhat breeds of dogs have you owned in the last five years and where are they now?
0 /
Veterinary Reference
Vet ReferencePlease provide name and phone number for vet reference
0 /
Your Home
HomeWhat type of residence do you live in?
Fenced YardIs your back yard fenced in?
FencingType of fence including height.
BasementIs there a basement your dog will have access too?
Outdoor SupervisionDo you feel its important to always be with your dog when he/she is out doors?
MovingAre you planing to move in the near future

Please submit pictures of living area and yard 

Use buttons below to upload pictures

Your Neighbourhood
NeighbourhoodPlease tell us what type of neighborhood you live in.
ParksAre there any dog friendly parks in your area
Crate TrainingAre you familiar with crate training
BehavioursWhat behaviours are unacceptable in your rescue dog and what would cause you to return them?
0 /
Re-HomeUnder what circumstances would you consider re homing your dog
0 /
euthanasiaUnder what circumstances would you consider euthanasia
0 /
Obedience TrainingHave you obedience trained a dog in the past?
Obedience Training DetailsPlease provide details
0 /
FormalTrainingAre you willing to attend formal obedience classes with your rescue dog?
ExerciseDescribe how and how often you will exercise your dog
0 /
CollarWhat type of collar will you use
Settling in periodA rescue dog will take time to settle in to your home. Are you prepared to put in a minimum 6 week effort to allow him/her an appropriate transition period?
Pet IntroductionIf you have other pets how will you introduce your rescue dog to them?
0 /
Previous OwnershipHave you owned dogs before?
Rescue ConsiderationWhy are you considering a rescue dog?
Dog Behaviours (Separation Anxiety)
Seperation Anxiety ExperienceWhat is your previous experience in living with a dog with SA?
0 /
S.A. CopingWhat is the best way to help your dog cope with SA?
0 /
S.A. RepremandAt what point would you reprimand your dog for destructiveness?
0 /
S.A. CureDo you feel Seperation Anxiety can be cured in dogs?
Dog Behaviours (Aggression)
Dog Agression ExperienceWhat is your experience with a dog aggressive dog?
0 /
Leash AgressionHow will you deal with leash aggression?
Aggression RetrainingCan an aggressive dog be trained?
Aggression Control TimeHow long will it take for your aggressive dog to no longer show aggression towards other dogs?
Dog Agression Training ExperienceWhat training techniques will you use for your aggressive dog?
0 /
Aggression Control GuidenceIn comparison to a dog without aggression, what more does an aggressive dog need from you as an owner?
Special Needs Dogs
Special Needs Limits1. What is your limit for dealing with a special needs dog?
0 /
Special Needs ExperienceWhat is your experience in living with a special needs dog?
0 /
Special Needs Equipped?Is your home equipped for a special needs dog?
Special Needs InterestAre you willing to adopt a special needs dog?
Other Experience
Dog TempermentWhat type of temperament have your previous dogs had?
0 /
Dog ListeningHow do you deal with a dog that doesn’t listen to you?
0 /
Dog Listening TrainingWhat training techniques would you use with this type of dog?
0 /
Dog PossessiveIf your dog growled at you over food or a toy, how would you react and respond?
0 /
House Training TimeHow much time would you give your new dog to settle in before you started training in the home?
0 /
Returning a dog to CartersDo you agree that if you are ever unwilling or unable to keep a dog received through Carter’s Forever Rescue and Sanctuary, the dog MUST be returned to this rescue?
Not Returning DogIf No Why Not?
Adoption FeeThe fee for adopting a dog from Carter’s Forever Rescue is $700. Seniors 8 years and older $400. This is a general guideline and prices may vary. Our dogs are spayed/neutered (unless for medical purposes this cannot be done), up to date on vaccinations and have had a general veterinary examination. Are you prepared to make payment upon adopting a dog?
Adoption AreaWe foster dogs from all over Ontario. Do you realise where the dog you are applying for is located?
Adoption Pick-UpAre you prepared to drive that far to meet him/her and also pick up for adoption?
Thank You For Adopting!


Thank you for adopting from Carter's Rescue.

You will immediately receive notice via email that your application has been received.  If you receive that immediate response to your junk folder, please be sure to also check your junk folder for replies from our volunteers assessing your application.  

We will review your application. Perspective adopters only will be contacted. 

Carter's Rescue is a registered Canadian Charity. Our registration number is 80997 5394 RR0001

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