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Today was non stop rain. Patty decided to dig a hole then proceed to play in the mud. Was so funny. She quite enjoyed it. We had a hard time getting her out of it. Lol. Good day in the rain ❤️ ...


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Maybe we should meet her when we come up;)

I love her!!!

Omg she is having fun.

What breed is she

Omg she is too funny🐾❤

Awe come on....I'm just being a kid and playing the mud.

Oh my lol.


It's all about perception lol

Omg lol

She is a hot mess and loves to play in the mud. The key to this little hot mess is treats she loves them

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Lalo Adopted ...

Lalo Adopted


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Wow ! Another great adoptee congratulations ❤️

God Bless you Lalo, and your new forever home, and loving family.🤗😘🐕👼

Congratulations family

Yay..thank you sweet humans

Best news today .


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Xiao Huang Adopted ...

Xiao Huang Adopted


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Congratulations on your new family member.

Wonderful congratulations

God Bless you Xiao Huang, and your new forever home and loving family.🤗😘👼🐕

Thank you ......

Congratulations on your new family member.

Horray, finally... Enjoy your forever home buddy

You look great together!

So happy for You both !

Yay. Waited so long

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Summer loves the water ❤️ ...


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You will give her a perfect home 👍🤗

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