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Hei Long Adopted ...

Hei Long Adopted


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So always like hearing that a pet has been adopted and given a new outlook on life and good home he /she deserve.thank you to all the adopters.

Beautiful congratulations


Gorgeous dog!

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2 days ago

Carter's Forever Rescue & Sanctuary

Jake. Up for Adoption Terrier x. Very sweet. Gets a long great with others. Takes few minutes to warm but once he does you have a friend for life ...


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Just love those terrier mixes with the worry hair lol

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Snooze time for Joe. Lol ...

Snooze time for Joe.  Lol

Joe Adoption Update. He's doing amazing and has picked the most unlikely of friends. Joe adores the little rabbit. ❤️ ...

Joe Adoption Update.  Hes doing amazing and has picked the most unlikely of friends.  Joe adores the little rabbit.  ❤️


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Brenda Lightfoot


Jamie Simser I’m dying

So happy for Joe! Have a good life!

He’s hands down the best furry friend! 🐶

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2 days ago

Carter's Forever Rescue & Sanctuary

Dottie Update. When Dottie came to us we were told she was in heat. Needless to say it was the farthest thing from the truth. She was self aborting puppies that were fathered by her own off spring. She is 10 years old and has been used for breeding her whole life. After a vet visit she was spayed and the puppies were taken. They were not good so was a good thing for Dottie It took Dottie time to recover then to end up with a cough. Back to the vet we go Dottie is now been diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Endured being a baby machine for profit and now this. We will keep Dottie as comfortable as can be for the rest of her life. Please spay and neuter your animals. Adopt from rescues and please stop supporting people who do this. ...


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Poor sweet Dottie. Thank you to wonderful people like you in the world to give this sweet girl the love she deserves

Poor girl 🙁 So sorry you lived the life you did until now, prayers that you have a wonderful rest of your life with kind humans

So sad

She will have the finest quality for the end of her life with you <3 She has strength, you can see it in her face.

Our shitzu was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. He's still doing fairly well. The odd vet appointment and his medication he's doing well. Dottie she still needs lots of love ❤❤❤

Poor baby. 😢

On no, that poor little girl 🙁

Poor baby ❤️

God bless that Dottie is in she loving hands.

it makes me sick the way people treat animals they should be treated the way they have treated the animals. Poor baby

This makes me want to puke

Shared. Rot in hell to these "breeders"

I whole heartedly wish people would stop purchasing animals. Story’s like this anger me then break my heart. Thank you for posting this ❤️ Hopefully one day, there will be no need for animal shelters 😔

Is there any sort of surgery that might prolong her life and buy her a few happy years?

I would love to adopt you and spoil you for the rest of your life unfortunately my rescue furbaby doesn't get along with other dogs , sorry that your life was so hard but good humans will look after you

It disgusts me how people treat animals sometimes...no matter.how you look at it they look up to and rely on us...hence why they are so loving and protective towards us...they should be treated like our children...loved and protected....I hope someone can make the rest of her life unforgettable

Poor sweet thing, she is so beautiful. I am glad you came in to her life.

Poor girl..thank you for your kindness

Poor lady get well soon Dottie glad you are out of there cluches

Thank you for giving her a loving home ❤

Makes me sad to see this. Hope she will be happy in the time she has left

Love ya Dottie

We had a Pomeranian that has Conjestive Heart Failure...it is not a death sentence...good meds....lots of exercise. He lived 3 yrs after his diagnoses...good luck beautiful girl!

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