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Meet Fonzie.  Fonzie is an 8 month old shepherd who was born with  cerebellar hypoplasia which means that his cerebellum (the part of the brain stem largely responsible for modulating motor movements  failed to form normally during gestation.  Fonzie doesn’t move like a dog  with intact cerebellar function.  His posture, balance and co-ordination are compromised, but despite this he is a ‘wobbly’ walker and a terrific runner.  This condition also causes Fonzi to have difficulty maintaining a normal temperature, so he cannot tolerate extreme heat and cold  He is also visually impaired, but not completely blind.  He has likely reached the peak of his abilities, but requires a special family to continue to work with his special needs.

We are looking for a very special home for this sweetheart.  Due to his balance and eyesight issues, he will need a home that is all on one level.  He is unable to do stairs, so a bungalow type home would be perfect.  He will also require air conditioning in the home as he will overheat very quickly in the dog days of summer, and a warm sweater for those cold days in winter.  We also would like to ensure that there is another dog in the home and that his time left alone is no longer than a couple of hours.  Someone who is home all day would be perfect.

If you are a special family, looking for a very special dog, please complete the adoption application.  Once received and reviewed we will be in touch to set up a meet and greet.

Fonzi’s adoption fee is $600. and includes his neuter, up to date vaccinations and micro-chip.  We look forward to hearing all about you!

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