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We are pleased to announce that Duke will be arriving at Carter’s shortly, and after his assessment, will be looking for his Canadian family! Duke is between 3 and 5 years of age.
Duke was rescued from a small town in Inner-Mongolia, along with 9 other dogs.
Harbin Animal Rescue (Slaughterhouse Survivors) were contacted by a rescue friend who is from that area, who was making the journey up with some other rescue friends, to save dogs from a Government run shelter, which had over a thousand dogs, but no food, water, shelter or medical care to offer them. The dogs in this shelter come from various backgrounds, but very commonly are from meat-trucks from the slaughterhouses, stopped by buddists monks, who then drop them off.
The Harbin team were able to accommodate for 10 new rescues, and so the volunteers pulled 10 dogs out of the ‘shelter’, along with others for other rescue teams, and chose dogs they were able to pick up, hold or which looked in need of urgent help.
Duke was one of these lucky 10.
From inner-mongolia he found his way to Harbin with the other 9 rescues, and began his recovery process. One of his eyes has catyracts and the other has glycoma, causing him to barely have any vision.
We can only imagine how scared he was in a place with no food, shelter or water, surrounded by hundred of other starving and sick dogs. In these places Canine Distemper Virus, Parvo, and CCV are rife, but fortunately for Duke he has strong anti-bodies and had none.
From day 1 Duke has always adored human contact, seeking out the person in the room, and being comforted by voices and the touch of people. For this, we believe he once must have had an owner. He is also housetrained, despite his blindness, which likely is a recent occurence, which furthermore makes us believe he once had a family
If you would be interested in adopting Duke, please visit our website at www.cartersrescue.com and complete the adoption application. The fee for his adoption is $400 and includes neuter and vaccinations.
If you are interesting in supporting the continuing rescue efforts of our Chinese colleagues, you can donate using the donation tab at www.cartersrescue.com
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